Condenser Microphone Mod Service

Would you like your condenser mic to sound better?
To sound as good as a vintage studio microphone?

You may have noticed many problems when using modern condenser microphones: edginess, high-end peaks, uneven response, muddiness, noise. Even in quality branded microphones, there can be excessive noise and similar issues. The common problem, however, is thin, grainy, overly bright sound.

If you've done any overdubs, you may have noticed the tracks don't blend easily. The jagged, inconsistent frequency response of inexpensive microphones, makes it impossible to mix multiple tracks together without compounding these same problems. Applying EQ can't solve the problems—the entire response of the mic is at fault.

Side-by-side with a working vintage mic, like a Neumann U87, AKG C12, or even a dynamic like a Sennheiser MD421, the problems leap out. It's not because these older microphones are somehow magically superior in design, in fact, most modern budget microphones are copied from Neumann, Schoeps, and AKG—the problems stem from poor quality, and incorrect, basic components.

All of this is corrected with my component improvements and modifications. Your microphone will be smoother on everything, handle transients better, and easily blend with other tracks, and that's before you even touch the EQ. You'll no longer be multiplying problems when you overdub, so mixing will be easier and the sound will be better—allowing you to focus on the project instead of fighting with the microphone.

Premium Components—Premium Sound

Whether for studio recording, home recording, voice-over work, orchestral recording, church choirs, or video, a properly functioning microphone makes mixing and tracking easier, more enjoyable, and more satisfying. My goal is to make your microphone able to capture that great performance with the best possible sound quality.

When you send your microphone to me for modification, I will remove the sonically inferior electronic components that adversely effect the sound quality, replacing them with the highest quality and most appropriate components, which will clean up the signal and correct the frequency response problems. I do not alter the appearance of your mic, remove layers of grille, or make any other cosmetic change that doesn't effect the sound. I only care about making your mic capable of capturing sound as well as it can.

Please email me with any questions, and also visit my FAQ page.

Good Sound is My Passion

Music studio mixing console. John Bonnell Mic Mods, your source for professional premium electronics upgrades to studio microphones, preamps, and signal processors.

"WOW WOW WOW! This MXL V67G sounds absolutely fabulous and has got a very low noise floor! … Biggest bang for the buck—unbelievable. …"

—Michael Obst

Popular Mic Mods

Rode NT1000—Perhaps the best all-around modded mic you can own. Extremely versatile with a neutral-warm sound. Put it in front of anything, and press record.

Rode K2—Superb vocal mic. If you want that warm, deep, rich feeling of classic vocals, this will get the job done. Excellent on instruments, as well. Many have favorably compared my modified Rode K2 to the AKG C12. Top line vocal and instrument microphone.

Rode NT2-A—The FET version of the Rode K2. Top line vocal and instrument microphone.

Rode NT2000—Identical to the NT2-A, with variable pots instead of switches for pattern selection, pad, and roll-off. The FET version of the Rode K2. Top line vocal and instrument microphone.

Rode NT1-A—Great all-around mic, similar in tonality to the Neumann U87 copies. Made in Australia, it's the cheaper version of the NT1000, with the same electronics, but a more mid-focused capsule.

Rode NTK—A cross between the NT1000 capsule and the K2 circuit. It tends to sound much like a combination of the Neumann U47 and U67. Excellent on vocals and instruments.

MXL 990—A ubiquitous microphone for many years now, it is actually a great example of the small diaphragm copy of Schoeps CMC "Colette" design. A very useful mic to have. Other makes and models of this SDC, include the MXL 603, MXL 604, MXL 991, MXL 910, Apex 185. Excellent for instrument miking, overheads, and can work well on vocals.

Studio Projects C1—A Schoeps CMC "Colette" copy, with a large diaphragm Neumann style capsule. Other makes and models of this type of LDC, include the Rode NT1, Rode NT2, MXL V63M, MXL V57M, MXL V6, MXL 992. Generally, best for overheads, some vocals, and ambient miking.

Golden Age FC1 MKII—Cardioid only version of the Neumann U87 style mic. Excellent for vocals and instruments.

Golden Age FC3—Multiple pattern version of the Neumann U87 style mic. Excellent for vocals and some instruments.

CAD GXL3000—Another of the Neumann U87 style microphones. Reasonably priced, with multiple patterns. Excellent for vocals and instruments.

MXL V67G—Possibly the most common of the Chinese copies of Neumann U87 style microphones. A very popular mod. Excellent for vocals and instruments.

AKG Perception 200/220—Another Neumann copy, same as the Golden Age FC1, etc. Reasonably priced, and well made. Excellent for vocals and instruments.

ADK A-51/S-51—Another Neumann copy, same as the Golden Age FC1, etc. Excellent for vocals and instruments.

Preamp Mods:

Golden Age Projects (GAP) Pre-73—An excellent copy of the Neve 1073 design, with low quality and incorrect components. It can be modded to be as close to an actual Neve as anyone could ever hope for.

"…He wasn't just blowin' smoke—it sounds really good! The harshness and brittleness are gone, but the detail remains. Let me say it again—the NTK really sounds good!…"

—Don Francisco

Sound Samples

Condenser Mic Repair Service

Is your condenser microphone silent, distorted, or otherwise non-functional?

Inquire with details of problem for an estimate.

Most problems such as static, noise, popping, or intermittent silence (cutting out), are typically caused by the same components I replace in a standard mod procedure. Sometimes more work is required. Very rarely does a capsule need replaced.

I can also usually repair and improve mics that have been modified by others, though this will entail an additional fee.

Turnaround time will necessarily be longer for atypical repairs.

Mic Mods For:

See FAQ for a full list of mic mods by model.

Tube Mics

Tube microphones require work to the power supply, as well as the microphone itself. Please ship all cables required for the mic to function.

Tube replacement is left to the discretion of the customer, and not included in the pricing of the service. Replacing the tube is not an actual upgrade or modification, but is an inevitable maintenance procedure with tube gear. In general, stock Chinese and Russian 12AX7, 12AY7, 12AT7, and 6922 tubes should be replaced, sub-mini tubes (often soldered to the board) should be left alone. All tubes, stock, replacement, NOS, or current issue, should be judged individually.


Stereo microphones are considered two separate mics.

Shipping Guidelines

USA orders:

Return shipping is included, per shipping guidelines.

International orders:

Please contact for return shipping costs.

Average turnaround time is 6 to 10 days once mic is received.

Payment options:

Acceptance Mark
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As well as Check and Money Order

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Mod work includes a warranty of one (1) year on parts and labor (shipping charges not included). Microphones are tested and allowed to burn in before shipping.


John Bonnell-Making your recording microphones and music studio equipment function and sound better.

I have over 25 years of electronics repair experience. As a professional musician, producer, and engineer, I use my own modified Rode NT1000's and K2 microphones in the studio. My modified microphones have been compared favorably to vintage Neumann's and AKG's by platinum record awarded engineers.

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